3 reasons why we use Flutter to build apps and why your startup should too

If you are short on time, I will summarize why we chose Flutter in a 1 minute read. Keep on reading to see how it can benefit your company.

flutter is a cross platform technology

  1. Apps are written in one codebase target IOS, Android, the web, desktop and even embedded devices. We can develop apps extremely fast compared to native development and there is no need for separate teams that focus on each platform.
  2. One codebase means we save thousands (if not tens of thousands) of dollars in overhead costs which translates to substantial savings for our clients.
  3. Flutters apps run at 60 (or 120) frames per second which means the apps we create will feel extremely smooth, just like a native app would.

Our team at Codebase.studio is a dedicated Flutter development team. The main reason why we are going all in on Flutter is because it checks all the right boxes. Fast, reliable, and cuts down the time and cost of developing an app…everything a client wants. If you have any questions about Flutter or want to compare the cost and time to native development, feel free to contact us.

So how can this benefit your company?

The holy grail of product development is to have the ability to write once and deploy everywhere. This has been a promise made by other technologies but ultimately fall short when it comes to performance and development time. Flutter solves a lot of the pain points that companies run into when deciding a technology to use to develop their apps. Here are the top 3 reasons why Flutter is the right choice for your company.

Develop once, deploy everywhere

The unfortunate fact is that your target market isn’t all on one platform. That means if you want to reach everyone, you will need to support multiple devices. Flutter has an innovative technology that allows you to build your app in one codebase but be able to target IOS, Android, Desktops, the web and even embedded devices. For both Andriod and IOS, the code is compiled to binary and will perform at near native speeds. It is a similar situation for web; it will get compiled to Javascript and run just as fast as any web app.

You will minimize burn rate and maximize your runway

Flutter allows for apps to be built in record time. What’s even better is that since your app has one codebase to maintain and is able to target all major platforms, you significantly reduce the amount of time to market as well as the overhead costs you would usually have if you were developing separate apps for each platform. Think about how much it would cost to maintain separate development teams for each platform you want to develop for. Instead, just like us at Codebase, we have one team that can develop a Flutter application that allows us to target all major platforms. That kind of difference can make or break any startup.

Provides an amazing user experience

Let’s face it, users are getting pickier with the apps they choose. They want a fast, easy and fun user experience. It doesn’t matter if it is a PWA, mobile app or desktop app, people want responsiveness, lightening fast interactions and smooth animations. Flutter provides 60 frames per second (or 120 for phones that support it) which means users will get the same experience they would be getting from any native app.

When it comes to finding the right technology to build your app, Flutter provides you a great balance between launching quickly, minimizing costs and giving an amazing user experience.

Final thoughts

We feel Flutter has a bright future and Google is putting a lot of money and time in supporting it. That has given us a lot of confidence to go all in on developing apps with Flutter. So if you want to talk more about Flutter or looking to have your app made by a Flutter development team, feel free to reach out to us at codebase.studio.